Friday Night Fetish

I’m so excited by this evenings interview as there are authors that I enjoy reading and authors I hate reading, but tonight I get the chance to chat to someone who changed my entire perception of a genre. She is a talented writer with a vivid imagination, and her short story collection entitled Passion Plays is the most beautifully written erotica collection I’ve read to date. I have great pleasure in introducing Miss Louise Bohmer.

Hey Louise, it’s great to be talking to you like this, especially as you write in my two favourite genres. In an interview I had recently with the wonderful GR Yeates, he asked me whether I thought horror and erotica made better bed-fellows than horror and sci-fi. What is your take on this and why??

Great talking to you, too! Thank you for having me!

I think horror and erotica probably make better bedfellows than horror and sci-fi. Maybe because horror and sex have a longer history together. Meaning horror authors have blended sex, or some sort of eroticism, into their stories for quite some time now. Look at authors like Clive Barker or Anne Rice.

I’m not sure why exactly. Maybe it’s got something to do with body horror, and how it often looks at sex, sensuality, as well as looking at the destruction of the body. I’m not sure. For me, horror and sex make an obvious combination because they’re fleshy. (Does that make sense?) Both deal with flesh in some of its most carnal, wild moments. Both can address ultimate releases (orgasm, in one case, death in the other). Sci-fi, though, seems to be more nuts and bolts, traditionally at least. I think it can be erotic, too, but I think that sci-fi mixed with erotica is somewhat newer and less widespread yet.

Your horror novel, The Black Act, was nominated for a Bram Stoker award in 2009. I was advised to never let people know I was writing erotica as it would damage any reputation I had as a dark fiction writer. Have you found this to be true or do you think people appreciate your diversity?

It made the Preliminary Stoker Ballot, but it didn’t make it all the way to nominations.  Hmmm…good question. From my experience, it’s been a mixed bag. Some people will view a horror author writing erotica unfavourably. But has it damaged my reputation overall? I don’t think so, to be honest. The horror authors I know personally are really accepting of this diversity, and some write erotica as well.

Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have drank all that wine while researching! So, to anyone who may get offended by my Stoker award comment, I’m sorry. Ok, that’s enough grovelling for one lifetime, back to the interview.

Your erotica collection, Passion Plays, is very unusual in two respects. Firstly, the stories are all so different, covering everything from mainstream romance to sci-fi, and secondly, they are all extremely well written. Did you set out to create a collection that stood out from everything else and what is your favourite story?

Thank you very much, Lisa! The collection came about because I had some erotic short stories just sitting on the computer and didn’t know what to do with them. They were all reprints that had been published in online erotica magazines, so I decided to put them together, get someone to proof the book (which Katey Hawthorne did a fantastic job on), and put it out there. Rich Ristow provided the cover.

My favourite story is probably Bio-ink and Blueprint Whores. I’d like to expand it into novel territory one day.

I wanted to see your reaction before I told you mine but I would have to agree with your choice of favourite story. As you mentioned earlier, sci-fi and erotica seems to be less widespread and it was a really nice surprise to find this one. The majority of short erotica stories I’ve read have very similar storylines so it was a treat to read something so different.

It wouldn’t be Friday Night Fetish if I didn’t delve a bit into your bedroom habits. How adventurous are you and is there one fetish in particular that really gets your blood pumping?

Let’s see…I’m an open minded person, or try to be, about most things in life, including sex. I guess I take a playful attitude towards it. I think food fetishes can be very sexy. Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate sauce and whipped cream? Scarves are very sensual.

And what would be the one thing that would get you jumping out of bed and running for the hills?

The choking fetish. No sir, I don’t like it. To each their own, but it would definitely have me jumping out of bed and running.

And along the same line, You already have a sexy beast of a man at home, so does that mean a little girl on girl action would be out of the question? 😉

My hubby thanks you for the sexy beast comment! Well, let’s just say I’m an equal opportunity type of gal. 😉

Well, girlies, you read it here first! But don’t even think about it, I want to play first!

Finally, what are your writing plans for the future and is there anything else you’d like to add?

Writing wise, I’d like to expand into still more genres. I’m collaborating on a couple projects with some wonderful co-authors, and I just had a short story accepted for an upcoming super hero themed anthology.

Wow, that’s a lot of writing for you and a lot of great reading for us! Thanks for joining us this evening and good luck with your projects.

Passion Plays can be found on Amazon with the links below, and also included is Louise’s bio and website link.


Amazon UK link

Amazon US link

Louise Bohmer website


Louise Bohmer is a freelance editor and writer based in Sussex, New Brunswick. She edits for Permuted Press, and is an associate editor with KHP Publishers, Inc. Her debut novel–The Black Act–was released by Library of Horror in 2009, but is now out of print. You can read her short fiction in Detritus, Old School, The Red Penny Papers, and Courting Morpheus.

L. Bohmer was the pen name under which Louise Bohmer once wrote erotic fiction. Today, she writes erotic fiction under other pen names, Isabel Dyakov being one.

She lives with a tattooed giant and assorted fur children.

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